Sunday, September 28, 2008


Niels Bagge(1908-1990) was a great Danish Collector, who collected Art as well Ancient Ceramic work, he travelled the world and lived in London, Los Angeles - Hollywood, a modern man, engaged in the Performing Arts. In his Art Collection was works from Robert Rauschenberg, Rafael Canogar, Andy Warhol, Edward Kienholtz and Rinaldo Paluzzi. He generously donated his impressive Collection to Aarhus Museum of Art in Denmark, and after his death in 1990, the Niels Wessel Bagge Foundation was established: each year 4 artists are awarded the grant of 100.000 dkr.
I am very thankful and happy to accept one of the 2008 grants, which I will spend on my new projects in Iceland and Tokyo;-)
- Edward Kienholz - Sawdy.
Previously Michael Kvium, Lise Malinovsky, Christian Lemmerz, Tal R, Kaspar Bonnen, Malene Landgren are among the receivers of the Grant.