Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ZONA MACO Art Fair, Mexico, 2013

I´ll participate at Zona Maco Art Fair i Mexico City with a wooden site-specific installation and a few large and small scale paintings.
April 10-14 2013 http://zonamaco.com/en/

 House with three streetlamps, acrylic on canvas, 84x84", 2013

A hole in the floor, acrylic on canvas, 84x90", 2013

Alone House, acrylic on canvas, 26x30", 2013

Crowsfeet, acrylic on canvas, 46x50", 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Crystal Bites of Dust at Barbara Davis Gallery

Crystal Bites of Dust at Barbara Davis Gallery is a show about a very specific place in Brooklyn. A place I bike through every day, a kind of a non-space; the area around the Gowanus Canal.
I have been in a dialogue with Roberth Smitson´s "Monuments of the Passaic" which he wrote for Art Forum in 1967. His trip was west of Manhattan to New Jersey and the bridges over the Hackensack River. I mirrored this journey and went East to Gowanus Canal and the bridges over that.
My ongoing interest in abandoned constructions, the end of Modernism, and the life after that, is still very much present...

After two big shows of installation at Honor Fraser in LA and Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre, I have been returning to painting, and the show is actually my first pure painting show.