Thursday, July 9, 2015

Commission for Sticks´n´Sushi at Canary Wharf in London.

 In april and may I went to London to get on the lift and make a 20 m long wall-commission for the restaurant Sticks´n´Sushi.

Construction-site at Canary Wharf. first part.

After the opening. part 2.far left is the flying city. Connected to the house on stilts by a ladder going behind the curtain. The ship I painted post opening, while people eating around,-)

Very beginning. 

 Ship part. Part 2.


 Flying City, far left.

 After the opening: painting the ship part.

 Ship done.

Far right a small house.

Bye bye (and addicted to Sushi Sticks style).

ALLUSIONS ON PLACE at Barbara Davis Gallery.

 Flying Enclave, 150x170 cm, 2015

 Blue Ship, 120x130 cm, Acrylic on Canvas 2015

 Growing Theatre, 243x213 cm, 96x90 inches, 2015

Inhabited Theatre II, 170 x190 cm, 2015

Purplebaloonship, 50x50 cm, 2015

Revisited, 80x90 cm, 2014

Rowing boat with pineapples, 170x190 cm, 2015

Woodlands II, 170x150 cm, 2015

Green pineapplehouse 190x170 cm, 2015

Woodlands, 220x195 cm, 2015

NOPLACIA show picked as one of the best LA shows of 2014.

The Noplacia exhibition at Samuel Freeman Gallery in Los Angeles was picked as the #2 show in 2014 (just after LACMA) by Molly Enholm from Art Ltc Magazine.