Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MASTEBROEN (the bridge of masts), a public commission in the City of Holbaek.

I finally finished the commission, Mastebroen, for the City Council of Holbaek. 

Based on Holbæks history as a harbour city, and especially the fact that Holbæk origined around the "Ship-Bridge", I have been interested in the image of shipmasts in the harbour.
For centuries the life of a harbour could be read by the amount of shipmasts that was moving in its waters. From a long distance these masts was the image of the relation with exotic parts of the world. The ships would bring foreign loads, new people - and if life would get too tough, they were the way out- for the dream or the escape.

The project is created with support from Hasløv and Kjærgaard Architects.